15 of The Best Vegan Bloggers to Follow in 2021

The following post will go over some of the best vegan bloggers of 2021. There are so many different online personalities that you can follow. But we have compiled the best vegan blogs here. You will find a variety of bloggers on our list. So, keep reading!

Best Vegan Blogger to Follow in 2021:

1. Simple Vegan Blog

Simple Vegan Blog is a simple yet fully loaded blog dedicated to vegan recipes. You will find all kinds of great vegan meals and snacks on this blog.

Link: Simple Vegan Blog

2. Pick Up Limes

Pick up Limes is run by Sadia Badiei and offers a mix of vegan recipes and lifestyle tips. Sadia worked as a dietician before she began her blog. So, she has some great vegan tips for people that want to have a balanced diet. She also runs a YouTube channel and posts videos on her blog.

Link: Pick Up Limes

3. The Vegan Strategist

The Vegan Strategist focused on a range of topics. This includes vegan activism, the vegan lifestyle, and other vegan topics. The author of the blog writes essays and even has a book out about how to make the world more vegan.

Link: The Vegan Strategist

4. Lazy Cat Kitchen

Lazy Cat Kitchen is a vegan recipe blog. It is run by Ania and offers some of the best vegan recipes on the internet. This blog is simple, easy to read, and has some great food photography!

Link: Lazy Cat Kitchen

5. The Compassionate Road

Gemma Davis offers the full package with her vegan blog. She does interviews with prominent vegans, has a book out, offers great lifestyle advice for vegans, and even has vegan recipes.

Link: The Compassionate Road

6.  Brownble

If you are looking for cooking tips, this is a blog you will want to visit. Brownble has great posts about vegan recipes and food preparation. This blog also offers online cooking classes.

Link: Brownble

7. Bake and Destroy

Baking without conventional ingredients might seem impossible. But Bake and Destroy has some of the tastiest vegan baking recipes on the web. Check out this blog if you have a sweet tooth!

Link: Bake and Destroy

8. Roshni Sanghvi

For any fitness and health junkies, take a look at Roshni Sanghvi’s blog. She posts about vegan food and health tips. She also discusses working out on a vegan diet.

Link: Roshni Sanghvi

9. The Nomadic Vegan

The Nomadic Vegan is a travel blog dedicated to exploring vegan foods around the world. The author of the blog offers great guides for vegans who are traveling abroad. You can find restaurants and other food sites that are vegan-friendly.

Link: The Nomadic Vegan

10. The Discerning Brute

The Discerning Brute is another great lifestyle blog you can check out. This website is tailored for vegan men and talks about fashion and food. But women can also enjoy this blog, as well.

Link: The Discerning Brute

11. Your Daily Vegan

Your Daily Vegan is an education and lifestyle-based blog. The author created this site to educate vegans and provide information about the vegan lifestyle. This is a great resource for new vegans.

Link: Your Daily Vegan

12. One Arab Vegan

If you are interested in trying Middle Eastern vegan recipes, we highly recommend this blog. It is insightful, has great food, and offers some amazing vegan lifestyle tips.

Link: One Arab Vegan

13. Kind Earth

Kind earth has a mix of recipes and lifestyle posts that are focused on conservation and compassionate vegan living. Kind Earth also promotes healthy spiritual practices and oneness with the planet through its content.

Link: Kind Earth

14. Mississippi Vegan

Mississippi Vegan is a blog with a southern flair. If you like the flavors of the south, definitely take the time to look at this website. They have some amazing and mouthwatering recipes.

Link: Mississippi Vegan

15.  Zucker&Jagdwurst

Finally, the last blog we will talk about is Zucker&Jagdwurst. This German blog can be viewed in both English and German. And it has travel content, lifestyle content, and great recipes. The creators of the website also have a vegan podcast that can be found on their website.

Link: Zucker&Jagdwurst

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