Everything you Need To Know About Lantern Pharma Or NASDAQ: LTRN

Lantern Pharma that has been registered in the NASDAQ exchange as NASDAQ: LTRN at https://www.webull.com/quote/nasdaq-ltrn , is a pharmaceutical company that deals with medicines that cure grave diseases and disorders. It has been growing and developing drugs and methods to cure cancers. Lantern Pharma is an oncology-focused pharmaceutical company that is developing technology and ways that reduces costs and time in treating cancer patients. The company has received acclamation for its impeccable work in pharma with the help of artificial intelligence. It uses RADR technology to tests patients and their responses to specific drugs.

RADR by Lantern Pharma

The artificial intelligence used by Lantern Pharma is based upon RADR. RADR is the Response Algorithm for Drug Positioning AndResue. RADR is being used widely and to its full potential to analyze a patient’s response to a specific drug and even to generate drug combinations that can be used to its full potential for a patient. This revolutionary technology in the pharmaceutical field is what has allowed NASDAQ: LTRN stocks to reach new heights.

Uses of RADR

RADR is enabled to be accessed and analyzed by several people for many reasons and some datasets like;

  1. Publicly available databases
  2. Data from commercial clinical studies
  3. Proprietary data generated from 3d tumor models.

Lantern Pharma allows big data analysis, systems biology, and statistics to identify new relations with drugs and symptoms. All the data and statistics have been analyzed to generate a detailed report after the analysis of over 180 million oncology reports and data points. More than 4000 patients’ cases were studied including 120 drug interactions to come up with technology that could provide precise values and reports that can be trusted. With such precise controls over data and futuristic technology, investors are gladly looking forward to investing in NASDAQ: LTRN.

RADR Modules

RADR works on four different modules that integrate among themselves to give the best and most accurate results. These modules include;

  • Data pre-processing
  • Feature selection
  • Prediction and
  • Patient Satisfaction

Investing In Lantern Pharma

No matter how great the idea is, investors and stock buyers always rely upon results. If the company shows good results, the market increases for the company. Before investing, every investor considers a few factors that help in decision making. These factors for Lantern Pharma are;

  1. Market Cap – 81,637,009
  2. Sector – Health Care
  3. Industry – Major Pharmaceuticals
  4. Share Volume – 9,539
  5. Yearly High/Low – $15.44/ $11.51

With the massive growth in artificial intelligence and the use of technology, Lantern Pharma is leading to become a promising company to cure many serious diseases like cancer and tumor. With its extensive research and a team that overlooks nothing, the NASDAQ: LTRN stocks are bound to grow even higher.  If you are new for stock trading and don’t know how to buy stocks , you can buy from the           stock app. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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