New jobs in Austin for the Tesla factory

There are many car companies in the world but most of them are far behind from Tesla. Recently Tesla stock and the company itself were in limelight due to its upgrade in share price and due to its new factory in Austin. Let’s discuss more it.

Tesla is a world-leading electric car manufacturing company. The stocks of this company have always been the cause of making good money for the investors. If we leave the few dips of the company, at most of the instances, dealing with this company has always been a profitable deal for everyone.

Now if we talk about the presidential election in the US, still it is not decided who will be the next US president. It will be clear only after the election in November is completed. Here if you will ask the Tesla company to choose the President by own, it will surely go for the former US vice president Joe Bidden. The reason behind this is the possibility in the company share price and business growth in the presidency of Joe Bidden. Bidden is more concerned about the use of renewable energy sources and saving the traditional sources of energy. 

Recently it has been informed that the Tesla company is going to start it’s one new electric-car factory in Austin, Texas. Before the opening of this factory, the company announced that through this company it will open the gate for the people who want to work in this company. For this purpose, the company will hire about 5000 new employees for it’s Austin factory. 

It was said by the company but reality will be what, nobody knows. we cannot say whether the job would be offered for the locals or some existing staff would be placed for this factory also. This is a very genuine doubt but along with this, there is one good news also which confirms the hiring by Tesla stock for its new Factory.

After the announcement of hiring, one report also came for the same. According to that report, the company would hire not just 5000 employees but there will be needed almost 15000 employees to make the plantation of this factory of Tesla successful.  Other than this 4000 more jobs would be created for this company. For this purpose, Tesla may take the help of 50 new or existing companies also to establish this new factory in a very good manner. 

With the above discussion, it’s very clear that in the coming future, Tesla electric cars and stocks both will rule in the market. So if you want to invest in any share market company, Tesla could be the best option for you.  You can check its releases at before investing.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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